The Art of Travel: Be Light As A Feather

Limit the things you carry with you throughout the trip. Most of the things you might require are easily available upon arrival. Just bring basic travelling necessities and your own special personal needs.

The Art of Travel: Dress Free

Casual dress is appropraite all year round in tropical Philippine weather. It is especially ideal to wear clothing in light cotton fabric.

The Art of Travel: Be A Cub Scout

It is a good idea to use a belt bag to put your money, passport and other valuables when on the road rather than a bag for safety purposes. Also, make sure to bring photocopies of your passport and tickets just incase.

The Art of Travel: Have An Eagle Eye

Be aware of where you leave your bags and other valuables in public places. It might be safer to leave them in your hotel safe.

The Art of Travel: Don't Be Afraid

Filipinos are very friendly and welcoming people. Don't be afraid to smile and start conversions with them.

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